Unbleached Full Contact Karate Gi 格闘技プロショップイサミは様々格闘技用品や武道具がそろいます。

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Unbleached Full Contact Karate Gi

納期:Most Popular and Standard Unbleached Karate Gi.
ご注意:in stock

Pants Waist: Elastic: size 0-3, Drawstring: size 0-8
Jacket and Pants can be sold individually.
Set of Jacket,Pants,Ivory belt is also available.
No strings inside jacket

【Fabric Shrinkage due to Washing】
Jacket: Length 7%, Width 5%, Pants: Length 11.1%, Width 3%
※Above size chart shows the measurements after shrinking.

キャッチコピー: ※You can not order Shinkyokushin Dogi on this website. Please contact Branch chief in your country.

サイズ: Size chart is renewed from April 24, 2018.
Please click and check above size chart for choosing the size.

素材: Jacket: Canvas (100% Cotton)
Pants: Twill (100% Cotton)

カラー: Unbleached

原産国: Fabric-Japan, Sewing-Vietnam

重量・収縮率: Long-Selling Model in ISAMI's History.

特典・その他サイズ: 上下バラ売り(帯は付きません)

名入れ・刺繍: ※横振りシシュウのネーム入のみ可能です。

SIZE Kind 数: